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Is paragliding open in Bir Billing?

October to December is the best time to visit Bir Billing:-

The ideal season for paragliding in Bir Billing is from October to December. During this time, the weather conditions are optimal for flying, especially after heavy rainfall from July 15th to September 15th, which marks the monsoon season.

While paragliding is open year-round, it’s closed during the monsoon season, and many businesses in Bir are shut down during this time as well.

But after monsoon Foreigners flock to Bir Billing to experience the world’s second-highest paragliding site from October to December when the weather is perfect for flying. Another advantage of visiting during this time is that you’ll avoid the crowds, allowing you to enjoy the serene and peaceful surroundings of Bir.


If you’re unable to visit during the fall season, you can still visit from May to June during the holidays. However, the weather conditions for paragliding may not be as ideal as they are after the monsoon season. But you can still experience paragliding these days and get the experience of swimming in the local river…

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