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Bir Billing Trekking

Starting From I̶N̶R̶ 9̶9̶9̶

INR 500 / Person

Trekking in Bir Billing Locations

Inquire now for price and more details :

  • Billing Trek from Bir, Price 500rs per Person. Meals and night camping not included.
  • Rajgundha Trek, Price 1000rs per Person, because of Two day trek.
  • Hidden waterfall, Price 300rs per Person.

The price of a guide may vary depending on the trek days: Book Now or Enquiry Now for updated price.

We can hike you all across Bir Billing’s hiking area.


1Bir to Rajgundha1 Night 2 Days
2Bir to Palachak2 Night 3 Days
3Bir to by Billing Thamsarpass3 Night 4 Days
4bir to rajgundha by tathi2 Night 3 Days
5bir to rajgundha by tathi1 Night 2 Days
6Bir to Bara Bhangal5 Night 6 Days
7Bir to Danser lake3 Night 4 Days
8Bir to kulu by Danser lake4 Night 5 Days
9Bir to Sari Pass4 Night 5 Days
10Bir to Bhubhu Pass4 Night 5 Days
11Bir to Hot water stream thathwani1 Night 2 Days
12Bir to Red Roof Temple1 Night 2 Days
13Bir to Manali by Bara Bhangal11 Night 12 Days
14Bir to Hampta Pass4 Night 5 Days

Bir Billing Trekking Details

  • Every step of the journey will be guided by an expert guide.
  • Perhaps other people will join you on your trek.
  • Camping on the trek will actually occur in dome tents (for two persons) or alpine tents ( triple sharing).
  • Your hiking guide will provide location information over the phone.
  • Meals and camping are not included in the Guide’s fees.

Bir Billing Trekking Overview

We all know that trekking in the mountains is like discovering yourself, and feeling the mountains in our spirit is a fantastic accomplishment.

Here in the Bir Billing highlands, you have the ideal location for meditation and mountain tranquilly. There are even additional alternatives for trekkers in Bir Billing.


You may find us at the Bir Billing landing point.
The guide will inform you of all the necessary details and regulations.


Then you go into Bir Billing’s forest. Wherever you find wild creatures, beautiful flora, and night camping is everyone’s preference, especially with a bonfire and some guitarist.

The guide fee varies depending on whether the walk is two or one day.
Check-in and check-out times will be discussed during on-call.



Mayank Sharma
Mayank Sharma
Being a person who did any adventurous activity for the first was very wonderful experience.....Pilot kept the passenger cool and calm during this situation and tried to comfort asking again and again..... Guided well about the do's and dont's and kept the things simple and precise..... Take off was super and smooth..... Mid flight was like being on cloud nine and dream came true for being in air... Landing was bit shaky but safe and smooth..... I'll recommend you to be with these people while paragliding for their genuinety and experience they've in flying from so many years
Sandeepi Sharma
Sandeepi Sharma
The experience was overwhelming as a person who had done any adventourous activity for the first time , pilot was super co-operative and guided well about the do's and dont's of paragliding..... Take off was super good..... Mid flight was like seeing a diiferent world from the sky and landing was smooth.... Genuine people and experienced pilots.... Do consider flying with them......
Mayank Gaur
Mayank Gaur
Fear unlocked!!! All thanks to AJAY, who made it so easy for me. I am overwhelmed. An experience that will stay close to my heart for the rest of my life.
rony james
rony james
Good experience with pilot Ajay, instruct well before flying.... highly recommended
Swastik Singh
Swastik Singh
Very exciting. Trainers were very helpful and encouraging. Also they helped in ensuring a safe yet entertaining ride with Go Pro recording. Must recommended.
Samriti Thakur
Samriti Thakur
Good experience with Bir Billing Paragliding, I enjoyed alot this one hour flying. And pilot is cooperative and good experienced. Landing was so safe and the view from the sky is stunning.
Md Israr
Md Israr
Great experience, Great Pilots, highly Skilled, Reliable Gears , most humbke staff .
Great experience. Full consideration regarding safety. Highly recommended.
Nishant Kapoor
Nishant Kapoor
It was an awesome experience 😊
Neeraj Kumar
Neeraj Kumar
Wow beautiful

Trekking in Bir Billing FAQs

When is the best time to hike to Bir Billing?

Summer and winter are the best seasons for trekking. Because of the relatively mild temperature, neither summer nor winter are overly hot or cold. Summer is defined as the period between April and June. The winter season lasts from October through December. Avoid trekking during the monsoon season since heavy rain is likely.

What activities are available throughout the trek?

Trekking, camping, and sightseeing are the main activities offered throughout the trek. Other sports, such as paragliding and bungee jumping, are subject to extra fees.

Is hiking risk-free?

Yes, trekking is completely safe for everyone. However, there may be some ups and downs along the way. You may also find the rocks to be slippery at times. A trek guide will assist you in making your walk safe.

What should I bring with me on a trek?

You can carry these items on your journey.
Valid ID, thick woollen clothing, heavy coats, sunglasses and a cap, walking shoes, and a water bottle are all required. And for what to bring or not to bring, consult your hiking guide on the phone.

How long will the journey be?

It depends on where you wish to travel with the Paramountains because we cover all trek places in Bir Billing. So it depends on you, if you want to travel short, you may select a Billing trip or if you want to trek long, we have many options for long treks, you can ask your trek guide for trekking specifics.

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